There is a need for 3D and virtual reality models that go beyond the visual experience.
That is what I deliver.
Benedicte Damm Consultancy 3D

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I’m so happy that You’ve stopped by our site for 3D and Virtual Reality tours.

Let me qive you a quick idea of the mission of We want to help businesses grow.

By implementing a Non-Tech mindset and focus, and focusing on the businesses of our clients, the potential communicative and work-flow value combined with end-user, we create what we call Virtual More-Value.

It’s all about diving deeper into the preparation, in order to create a Virtual Tour or product that can pull it’s weight and do the work! Why invest the time, money and effort if You are getting less than the optimized value and experienze?

Enjoy our site, and give us a call on 0046-760130006 or use the contact form. Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn for business- and networking purposes!

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