3D & VR that dive deep into functionality & optimization

BDC3D is a bureau specializing in producing virtual tour-based solutions, renderings and pointclouds. Cleanrooms and labs are a highly specialized area unique to BDC3D.

Architecture, Construction, E-Commerce, Production and Energy sectors turn to us for renderings and solutions based on 3D scanning and virtual tours using Matterport technology.

We take on the complete process, and closely manage projects one-on-one with Clients. All solutions are tailored to the Client, and focus is on quality rather than quantity of projects.

Many processes, procedures and communication may be combined and improved. Together we analyze Your needs, and define a solution to fit your business and team.

We help you do what you already do - in a new, smarter and more efficient manner, and we offer to train Your team in the new solutions as well.

The result?

Hi-tech solutions that are
⇨ easy to use
⇨ save time and money
⇨ improve earnings 
⇨ reduce stress
⇨ better overview
⇨ increase profit

Let BDC3D make your work easier, faster and more efficient. Let's talk!

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Empower your business - discreetly

Closed-Circuit services is not an easy niche to market. Why? Because we won't show You our Closed-Circuit work, or references. Let's try to explain it instead: 

Closed-Circuit Services is a confidential add-on service to any BDC3D project. No references will be made availiable, and our Clients are not seen, referenced, showcased or name-dropped outside of our collaboration.

BDC3D offers Close-Circuit services in order to allow Clients to develop their activities without the risk of outsiders gaining the visual insight into their facilities, strategies and plans.

For these Clients, trust is important than anything. To BDC3D, this trust means everything.

For more information please see Services.

e-mail phone +46760130006 to discuss Your project or ideas.



Cleanrooms house great, irreplaceable and highly fragile, value. Contamination is a great risk, and glass and steel calls for highly specialized skills. BDC3D is certified and specialized in Cleanroom procedures.

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Let us help in Your Planning, maintainance, training and safety. Results are transferring into better and more precise results, cost savings, faster project completion.

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Working on transitioning into more energy efficient and clean solutions? We'll collect the data and documentation you need in order to plan, remodel and inspect powerplants, engines and locations.

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Legal Doc

Save time and money, save businesses and speed up legal actions. Stop roaming through photos by the thousands, video attempting to control Documentation chaos. We help you sort out the visual documentation, easily and on-time All-in-one solutions. Confidentially.

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Improve your Safety training and keep staff safe. By implementing virtual tours in 3D and Virtual Reality, professionals can now train even when away from the site.
Protect the #1 asset of any business:
its people.

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The BDC3D promise

BDC3D is about autonomy, independence and the customer.

No need to push projects through to keep investors happy, it's all about the Client. BDC3D can be trusted to advise Clients to choose the best solution for their needs, even if BDC3D is not it.

Due to the complexity of the projects that BDC3D is hired for, focus is needed and delivered.

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Trusted by firms and people

Great firms in many industries trust BDC3D

I have known Benedicte for a year. She was recommended by a mutual friend. We hired Benedicte to render our Cleanroom facility at LU and she did a very nice job. Very dependable, hard-working and professional.
She is dedicated and pleasant to work with. What I particularly like is her interest in learning about our special facility and her attention to detail. Plus she has an excellent customer service attitude. We are hiring her again for more work.

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