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Benedicte Damm

It takes a lot to build a company from the bottom up. When I started BDC3D back in april 2016, the Matterport technology used was not widespread in Scandinavia.

Not trying to dominate the market of virtual tours and Matterport. Just taking on a corner of it, combining business development with the tech I fell in love with.

Only a handfull providers or so were in the field. Since then, more have followed, and many have gone again. BDC3D remains, still independent, and working one-on-one with Clients.

My company is built without investors, and focuses on working with awesome people who love what they do. 

Work needs to be fun and positive, and so do business and relations. Life's too short for anything else.

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BDC3D is a company with a story.

A small, private company with no investors, and with passion and a story. Founded in 2016 by Benedicte Damm, an entrepreneur and mother of two children, BDC3D was created as a lifeline.

An e-commerce and logistics professional, her youngest child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2015. While on sick leave to learn how to care for her daughter, 4 years old at the time, she was fired from the swedish webshop she was a part of, due to cutbacks.

Having to be on call 24/7 to assist the day caretakers of her daughter in her medication and care throughout the day, made it impossible to start a new professional position in a new company.

An acquaintance taught Benedicte about Matterport, wanting her to build the danish Matterport market for real-estate, recognizing her talent for the art of Matterport.

However, the financial side of the deal, and the market itself, were unsustainable at the time, and soon Benedicte invested in a new beginning with her husband, and BDC3D went off on it's own.

BDC3D now works to contribute positively to a range of businesses from e-commerce to construction and science. Solutions range from 3D tours, VR experience and renderings, and are always based on solid collaboration and project management.

When working with Benedicte and BDC3D, the Client can trust that they will receive training and proactive communication, ensuring the satisfaction of everyone involved. The tech is just a part of what builds true value, as innovation and heart are equally important.


BDC3D creates virtual experiences that enable on-site visits, from a distance. Business development is a strong part of BDC3D and many businesses have been advised in how to strengthen their position in the market.

Clients use 3D and virtual reality to document construction work, to showcase products, commercial real-estate just to mention a few.

We analyze and examine our client’s needs, segment and objective to create outstanding virtual solutions. To ensure the utmost quality of our products, we offer a Pre-Production workshop to establish the value virtual tours will add to your company. The workshop includes an analysis of your 3D and virtual reality requirements to determine your needs.

We conduct a broad segment and target analysis to ensure to reach the target group. By doing so, we prolong the product’s lifespan, and it becomes a communicative tool that any company can use in their internal or external communication and work.

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