Benedicte Damm

More than anything, I am a woman who will not be told that something cannot be done. Until I myself have explored all options in order to reach my intended goal, nothing is impossible.

With the mission to help ease knowledge-sharing, businesses grow, horizons broaden and reduce fear in our communities via our unique concepts and thinking about virtual tours, I find that I have the best job in the world.

We are at the forefront of a visual revolution, just as was the case when traditional photography saw it’s delicate dawn. Just like when those photos took the step from black/white, into the wonderful world of color.

Now the world is transcending from traditional photography and video, into 3D and virtual reality. It is an honor to be spearheading the journey on our markets.

A mother of two, a wife of one, I am an entrepreneur by heart and soul, building a brand and company while being an inspiration to others. 

The brand of Benedicte Damm is built upon 100% authenticity and heart. All too long has facades and demonstrations of power and perfection been the peak of corporations and business.

Everything I do is finely knit together, beneath the surface creating a branding and inspiring socio-eco-system created to reach my dreams, and inspire the world of business, career and networking to put themselves out there and let their lives and careers bloom.

I am bringing back heart and the core of human values, fun and independent dreaming to business. It is a privilege to inspire clients to improve their businesses, learn about their fields and needs and grow from these experiences.

I hope to get the opportunity to learn about Your business as well.

For more information about Benedicte, workshops, LinkedIn and network please visit