We strive to streamline the work and processes in our clients’ businesses and organizations. Our Pointclouds are a part of this mission to create Virtual Functionality and Virtual More-Value.

Our pointcluds are 99% accurate and generated from the very scanning that is performed to create our 3D and Virtual Reality tours. One step on-site.

Pointclouds are delivered ready to use ion AutoCAD, Revit and more. Along with our the visual documentation provided in our tours, pointclouds are popular and used to organize, streamline and improve workflow by architects, engineers and specialists in architectural technology and construction management (Bygningskonstruktør).

By choosing 1 solution and provider which combines several functions into 1 package, professionals save time and costs in the process. Often the delivery time is 50% or less of the traditional method of photography, revisiting the site, creating pointclouds in-house, organizing visual documentation and calling in surveyors with costly procedures.

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