Clients are mainly represented by the following sectors:

Construction and Architecture
Construction Dispute Law
Industrial Production
Commercial Real-Estate

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BDC3D helps Clients by creating all-in-one solutions that include, but not limited to:

  • Point-Clouds for CAD/ REVIT / BIM /3D modeling
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • 3D models of built environment based on scanned 3D data
  • 3D scan-based pointclouds, ready to use, based on scanned 3D data
  • 2D photo documentation
  • Visual Documentation for Construction purposes
  • Visual Documentation for Legal purposes
  • Visual and Dimensional Documentation for Planning
  • Visual Documentation and Mapping for Safety training
  • Multi-level content directly embedded into virtual tours. Create all-round, seamless solutions
  • Confidential, Closed Circuit solutions. Perfect for businesses and purposes not open to the public eye. Also the right choice for legal action and purposes.
  • Renderings (High-End Industrial and product renderings)
  • Animations

Architects and professionals working with CAD software, no longer need to measure and draw manually. Pointclouds, ready to upload in AutoCAD, REVIT and more, are just a scan away and will take BIM to a new level.

Lawyers no longer need to rely on a chaos of photographs, the perfect overview of the construction site is just an appointment away.

The energy sector does not have to work blindly when taking steps into more energy efficient days. Engines, plants and facilities can be digitally rendered in a matter of hours.

Commercial real-estate does not have to rely on on-site visits. Prospects can easily be showcased, screened and revisited from the comfort of the Clients office.

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