Virtual VR Tours

First of all, Safety first.

You do NOT want to go walking, biking or driving with goggles on. Kids should in fact, NOT go biking or walking while enjoying any AR or VR universe. But we fell in love with this picture of a girl enjoying AR, Augmented Reality. Still, we would never let our own kids bike or walk in traffic in a AR universe wearing goggles.

Marketers have struggles for years, finding new and exciting ways to lure customers to visit stores, hotels, restaurants to buy. By adopting this easy-to-access technology, prospects and customers are visiting, preparing to purchase even before arriving.

The freedom to communicate, experience, explore, feel, sense, travel, visit, and bloom with the possibilities in Virtual Reality.

We are breaking down geographical and communicative barriers- with the peek in a goggle!

Events, venues, facilities previously restricted by geography, security, accessibility are now made widely- and exclusively- available by technology in ways easily adopted by any organisation and individual.